Dr. Abdel Rahim Jallad

Chairman & Founder of “The Excellencors for Training and Performance Development”, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

As a founder and chairman of the firm Dr. Abdel Rahim responsibilities includes, the design, co-execution and ensuring the highest standards of delivery of all training and consultancy projects conducted by the firm where the majority of delivered projects are based on the EFQM Business Model of Excellence

Dr. Abdel Rahim have a long and successful career in organizational excellence as he conducted over a Hundred Training Programs in overall quality, strategic planning, performance indicators, organizational excellence and Performance management, along with being senior assessor for several Training workshops in King Abdullah II Excellence Programs, Dubai Government Excellence Program, Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance, Dr. Abdel Rahim is a Certified Assessor and trainer by the European Organization for Quality (EFQM) and also Co-Founder of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Jordan and the Founder of the Jordan Society for Quality (JSQ), also Dr. Abdel Rahim is an Excellence Programs and Excellence Models Expert in Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program (SKGEP), and a Technical Excellence Advisor for Ajman Government Excellence Award Program.

Mr. Fuad Hadidi

Partner / CEO of “The Excellencors for Training and Performance Development” , holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information System (CIS) and Micro Masters in Business Administration.

As a CEO of the company Mr. Fuad Hadidi has over 13 years of experience in organizational development, excellence transformation, and business intelligence platforms development. He is also an experienced professional Consulting Manager and a trainer in institutional transformations and organizational performance excellence, with excellent experience in: Excellence Models, Certified Assessor, Strategic planning and performance management, Knowledge Management, Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Business Processes Re-engineering (BPR) & Management (BPM), Quality systems and IT solutions development.

Also Mr. Fuad has hands on experience in excellence transformation, assessment, and excellence frameworks development and others in the regional government sector and has managed and advised on more than 35 projects in excellence transformation and practices.